This is just an area where you can learn about blockchains and Cardano. Yes, there are lots of places on the internet you can do that, but I find a lot of it complicated and hard to navigate. Here, I keep it simple. I am trying to bust the jargon.

There's lots going on. When I find something I think we all should know about I put it here:

2019-06-18: Georgia

IOHK have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop blockchain technology in partnership with Georgia. Charles Hoskinson has toured the country, meeting the people and working up a plan to embark on a range of projects. Included in the long list are Finance, Supply chain, and Identity.

2019-06-08: Seiza

Seiza, the new block explorer, has been released. The old block explorer, which was simple and technical, now has a more polished feel with graphs and kpis, allowing a casual user to see the stats at a glance.

2019-06-08: New roadmap

IOHK published a new roadmap, all polished up and refreshed. There's nothing on it that a Cardano fan would be surprised by, but its the dates and detail people have been asking for.

2019-05-28: Cardano joined FTAHK

Cardano Foundation announced that they have joined the Fintech Association of Hong Kong. FTAHK is an independent, non-profit association representing Hong Kong’s FinTech community.

2019-05-26: Expansion in Asia

In an AMA, Charles said that Emurgo is seeing an opportunity for expansion of commercial markets in Asia, especially in Indonesia and Japan. Recently the real projects have been Africa (especially Ethiopia) and Mongolia. However we can expect projects coming from Indonesia and Japan soon.

2019-05-17: Polymesh colaboration

Charles has announced that Cardano will be collaborating with Polymesh to develop cross chain swapping. Polymesh are a good choice, because they are probably the market leader in this right now. Story here.

2019-05-17: Meetups

Meetups are regular. They are mostly all shown in www.meetup.com.

2019-05-16: IOHK summit in Miami

The summit was 2 days long, on 14th and 15th April 2019. It was brilliant, although perhaps a little too hard to keep up with for some. In fact you can watch the whol thing in real time on youtube..

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