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The pool isn't running on MainNet yet. I'll let you know as soon as it is ready. Email me at kev@kevmate.com for info.

Who am I

I just decided to call myself "Kevmate" because I thought that in the age of decentralisation the more of us that are hard to trace the better. Its not that I need to remain anonymous. I'm sure I could be traced easily, but you aren't trusting me with your money here. Cardano is trustless. I'm calling the pool "KevPool".

The history

In 2013 I heard about bitcoins, and I bought a couple. Yes, like everyone else who bought bitcoins in 2013, I wish I had bought more. But anyway, I had two. The good news is that I put them in a wallet and forgot about them, no selling, no problems with Mt Gox, all was peaceful.

In 2017 I heard Charles talk about Cardano, and I was sold. I swapped my Bitcoins for ADA as soon as I could work out how to do it, which was not long. I put my ADA in a Daedalus wallet, and it was happy there.

The plan

When I am at work I am a Developer, and at home I have an office and a fast fibre internet connection, so I decided I would run a staking pool. I think its pretty easy. I have bought some extra ADA with fiat, so that will help. I have understood that to get a good return from a stakepool the person/people running the pool have to put in a serious stake. So I got together with some of my rich developer friends to make a small dedicated trust group. Between us we now have just over 3,000,000 ADA committed. We are all technical, live nearby, and are willing to put in our time AND money to make this a great stakepool.

Staking pools run better if lots of people use them, so you are invited to join me. We will keep it all running 24/7. We are based in the UK.

Up time

I don't know what percentage up time I will get. I have found a high speed high availability internet connection. Originally I was going to use a Macbook as a server, but that is being used now for a Bitcoin full node serving Lightning channels. One day Cardano will link to Lightning and I want to be there early. I could shut it down, but instead I decided to buy a new server. It has lots of disk space and is dual boot Ubuntu/Windows. My Jormungandr test install is running in Ubuntu. It is running inside a Nix shell, which I found works pretty well if you have a multi-user install. I am also renting an Ocean Droplet, just as a test, and have installed the Rust version of Jormungandr there. It is a good experiment but so far I am getting errors, I'm working on it. I would like to get some redundancy, but that might not be automatically available at first. Time will tell.

This website

I started off creating this website because I heard Charles say that you didn't really need a website to run a staking pool, but it would help. Well, I'm not easily impressed but I might consider him to be some sort of demi-god, so I was straight in.

To be honest one thing led to another and before I knew it I had a lot to say. Its been a lot of fun (OMG I think Charles says that). Well I expect I can help the community. I'm quite technical and I have learned a lot about cypto-currency. And I think Cardano rocks.

I hope you enjoy the read.


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This website was created by Kevmate. Its all my own work. Contact me by emailing me at kev@kevmate.com