The pool isn't running on MainNet yet, but when it does I will get the performance stats uploaded to here.

Progress report

We are still in the testnet phase, so progress is as you might expect. I tried it on my Mac, but then changed my mind and bought a new desktop, then installed Ubuntu on it. In fact I set it up as a dual boot, Windows and Ubuntu, just in case I might need to fall back on Windows. Both have access to all three disk drives. I then installed Nix, Cardano-sl, and Jormungangr.

At first I got errors, which were hard to understand. Also a bit frustrating because I was watching videos of people who got it working easily. However after a bit of head scratching I realised that I had installed Nix in single-user mode. If you get FAILs in coreutils when trying to run Jormanjangr, it could be this.

Once it was running it seemed reliable. It doesn't drop out, and I can transfer tokens and check balances. I am testing and trying and waiting for mainnet. It works, but it isn't even remotely user friendly. To try it you probably need to know command line Unix.

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