The pool has been running reliably since June 2021. The number of blocks minted goes up and down because the number of times the KMADA is selected as a block leader in an epoch is random, so it varies randomly. Also, the number of epochs in a month varies, since they are 5 days long and months have end dates which happen when they happen. However, the pool has zero missed blocks so far, and has an availability of greater than 99.98%, so it is very unlikely to ever miss a block.

Progress report

The pool is now fast and reliable. I have attracted a reasonable number of delegators, and I am hoping to attract more over time. You can see lots of details about the historical performance of the pool, all the blocks made, the addresses that delegate to it, and lots of other info in

How to delegate to KMADA

If you are using Daedalus or Yoroi you will be able to find KMADA by searching for KMADA, but some wallets don't include a list of all the pools, because they want to sell their own services, or because they just haven't added that feature yet. For example Exodus simply doesn't give you a choice, so you can't see where the ADA is delegated. Adalite, however, will automatically select one of their own pools, but will allow you to enter the pool address of another pool if you know it.

The pool address for KMADA is:


Paste that into the address box for the pool you want and it will work.

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